Splendid CRM Version 2.1 Source Code

The guys from SplendidCRM Company release a new version (3.0), as always they include community edition free of charge and other enterprise versions, the new version includes lot of new features like a workflow engine integrate with the crm core. Full list of features here. By the way do not upgrade from community version 2 some features will be removed or disabled.

However it seems like old version. 2.1 is not available any more. Some friends on the Net have been requesting the old code. I just zipped and loaded in my skydrive here


Hope it Helps,

Juan Pelaez.
Software Architect

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One reply on “Splendid CRM Version 2.1 Source Code”

  1. Hi
    do you have the oracle script for the splendidcrm2.1 am trying hard to find it but not getting it.
    Please help if you have it.

    Samir Patel.

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